Located in Allegany County, within Western  NY  Wilds.  


  • Above - video submitted to Home Town Takeover for 2021 town makeover (we didn't win).

  • Created "#1 Hometown" motto based on talks with senior community members.

  • Created tourism website to link to Allegany Wilds marketing campaign:  www.belfastny.com 

  • Finalized a walking tour of Belfast originally created for BKBHOF Induction weekend, 2019.

    • Future ideas:  historical tour/downtown​

    • Railroad tour

    • Building tour

  • Invited Director and Assistant Director of Economic Development and Planning for Allegany County to Belfast and provided tour.  Relationship continues​

  • Submitted grant proposal to Landmark Society for facade work in conjunction with Johnson-Schmidt, historical preservationist architects out of Corning, NY (grant defunded due to Covid-19).

  • Invited Alfred College Professor William Dean to use Belfast as his case study for his annual Development course.  Agreed to study how Caniadea and Belfast can better link via the Blue Trail/River.  Provide input as needed.

  • Distributed, collected and submitted town surveys for consideration of inclusion to Trail Towns initiative. ​

  • Interest in Letchwork State Park "Gateway Village" campaign via Greenway.

    • Provided a guided tour of Belfast landmarks.​

  • PHASE TWO of SIX construction completed:  Renovate 1 Hughes Street and Main Street residence.  Clean neighborhood property (lot behind Mennonite building).  Secure tenants.

  • PHASE THREE of SIX construction ongoing:  Renovate loft for owners of A-Block, clean back cement slab/install cargo containers for storage business, continue to clean properties and earmark parking.


  • Brainstormed name for block of buildings purchased via Facebook group page.  "A-Block" was suggested and it stuck.  A = Amanda.

  • Dubbed Belfast as "Knuckle Town" during  BKBHOF Induction weekend.  Installed banner.  Asked Harrington's to create a Knuckle Sandwich.

  • Purchased block of buildings, summer 2019. 

    • Installed signs seeking new tenants with offers to help build business and mitigate risks.  ​

    • Focus on innovation.

      • Matthew Kelley created Haunted House event through month of October.​

  • PHASE ONE of SIX construction completed:  Clean out cellars, repair rooftops, mended faulty electrical, disposed of old or faulty exterior signs, wires, etc. Created Police Gazette office and a door for Main Street office.  Sold old furnishings.

    • Burglar Alarm taken down due to hazard status.  We seek to ​display a replica of alarm in future (it is too heavy and rusted to put original back in place).  Original has been stored.

    • Many old signs from Belfast's past have been saved and stored in a safe place.

    • Acquired George Borrello, NY State Senator, as tenant in remodeled Main St. office.​