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The Belfast River Access Park/Blue Trail

The interpretation of the Seneca word Genessee is "beautiful banks".  We invite you to bring your river toys and float down this beautiful river.  Our downtown launch is located at the east end of Hughes Street at East River Street.  It includes ample parking and boat launch access.  ALSO:  Five miles south of downtown, at the  Belfast and Angelica county line, is the Transit Bridge launch (corner of NY-19 and Co Rd 16).


Lean more about the Trail HERE.  NOTE:  The downtown Genessee River Access Site is dedicated to late Belfast native, Erich Gerhard Wuersig. The Transit Bridge launch is sponsored by Belfast's Joe and Jodi Curcio.

The Genessee Valley Greenway State Park

The Greenway is a 90-mile open space corridor that wanders from Rochester to Cuba, NY.  This multi-use trail is great for walking, jogging, hiking, biking, horseback riding, bird watching, skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, etc.  In Belfast, the trail features a look at one of the oldest standing canal warehouses in the state. 


NOTE:  This segment of the Greenway is only passable in short segments - which is great for short nature hikes.  Check the park site for mobility updates: 

PARKING:  Limited street parking is available at the Canal Warehouse, located at the corner of Hughes and Loftis Streets. Also:  Signed parking at corner of Rt. 305 and Baragon Hill Rd.

FUTURE:  Belfast seeks to be an official Trail Town.  With this, we will gain wayfinding signage and more parking.  

Rail & Titsworth Canal Warehouse

Standing along the Greenway is a spectacular look at one of the oldest standing canal warehouses in the state.  Build c. 1853, this structure was originally used as a warehouse along a busy canal transport system.  Since then, it has been used as a hotel, brothel, barn and storehouse.  In 2000, the Rail & Titsworth Canal Warehouse was listed in the National Register of Historic Places.  [Learn more from the Belfast Walking Tour - stops #5 and #6 .]

Self-Guided Walking Tour

Learn a little about the history of Belfast, and how it is linked to the "fight" world beyond the Police Gazette Boxing Corporation and the Bare-Knuckle Boxing Hall of Fame.   From murder to civil disobedience - it happened here! CLICK HERE TO ACCESS TOUR.


The Belfast Park contains several monuments and memorials.  The large obelisk was donated by famed citizen, William Muldoon in honor of the local Civil War heroes - including his brother John Muldoon.  [Learn more via Belfast Walking Tour - stops #2 & #3.]

Bare Knuckle Boxing Hall of Fame

The Bare Knuckle Boxing Hall of Fame (BKBHOF) is the only Hall of Fame dedicated to remembering and honoring both current and pioneer bare-knuckle boxers and their supporters.  The BKBHOF is housed in the original 1889 barns owned by Belfast's famed fitness guru, William Muldoon.  Every year during the HOF Induction ceremony weekend, people fly in from all around the country to honor past and current players in the sport - turning our little hometown into "Knuckle Town" for the weekend!    [Learn more via Belfast Walking Tour - stops #2 & #3.]  Visit website and schedule a tour or plan your Induction weekend: 

EASY DAY TRIPS into the "Wilds" from BELFAST

    Other regional ventures include:

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